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Princess Connect! Re:Dive T.V. Media Review Episode 7

by Yumiko

Let’s spice things up.

After a good night’s rest, Gourmet Guild was ready to begin the harvest season. Unfortunately, dawn has brought troubling news. Rin, Rima, and Mahiru of Elizabeth Park have crawled into Targum Village. After explaining everything that happened along the way, Hatsune was prepared to find her little sister on her own. No matter the threat, she will not leave Shiori behind. Fortunately, she’ll have a team behind her. Aoi, Kokoro, and Yuuki have joined in on the rescue party. It wasn’t long before Hatsune spotted out Shiori. Unfortunately, she wasn’t prepared to face Shiori in her current state. Knocked out of the sky and left in the wake of her dust, Shiori and an army of shadows began marching upon Targum Village. While Karyl and Pecorine protected the village, Hatsune’s rescue party ran into the other threat roaming these woods. Unsatisfied with all her recent battles, Christina unleashed hell upon the four before her. In the ensuing battle, Yuuki lost consciousness for a moment. However, this was their saving grace. As Ameth reminded him of the power he holds within himself, he stood stronger than ever. A fight worthy of satisfying Christina was finally obtained. Before walking off on her own, she tipped off Hatsune on how to save her sister. Rushing back to the village, Hatsune put her life on the line. She’s pulled Shiori out of the shadows, though Karyl and Pecorine put the finishing touches on this hectic day. The shadows will no longer plague these woods.

Although we’re given a happy ending for Hatsune and Shiori, something is amiss within the royal capital. Karyl’s master is the one in control of these shadows, and she’s only just begun. Those captured by her shadow are hers to feast upon. Additionally, it should be noted that Karyl knew the individual behind these shadows, though she dared not say a word. Her mission is only to observe Pecorine and Yuuki. Speaking of Yuuki, he’s started to remember more than just his power. Prior to losing his memories, he was with a totally different group of girls, and one of them was Ameth. The rest of them should be out there somewhere, right? Anyhow, we’ve got a little sister to save. Enjoy banishing the shadows!





Who cares if they’re unofficial. We’re formally meeting the cutest guild in the kingdom next time.

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Yumiko (@guest_2361)
3 years ago

She definitely rocked the house throughout this chapter. Hopefully she gets another appearance before the show ends for the season.

Tashiro Sato
Tashiro Sato (@guest_2360)
3 years ago

Large chested Christina Morgan battles