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Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica Blu-ray Media Review Episode 5

by Yumiko

Who runs this town?

With not a shred of guilt on her chest, Sayaka has fully embraced her future life as a magical girl. Her only regret was not doing so sooner. Not only could she have seen Kyosuke smile earlier, she could’ve fought alongside Mami. Still, she doesn’t want her choice to burden Madoka. Their paths in life may now differ, but this choice was by her own hand. Though Madoka can understand where her friend is coming from, she can not sit idly knowing what awaits her. After seeking out Homura, Madoka pleaded to her to become friends with Sayaka. They’ve been friends long enough for Madoka to know, that Sayaka can not do this on her own. In the heat of the moment, she will lose herself. Unfortunately, Homura can not offer Madoka any comforting words. She even goes as far as blaming herself for not keeping a closer eye on Sayaka. Regardless, there is no salvation to be found for those that walk this path. That goes for Homura, too. In exchange for a single desire, their lives may as well be forfeited.

Later that day, Sayaka was prepared to go on her first night of patrol. Although she may still be inexperienced, it’s now her duty to keep Mitakihara City safe. However, she won’t be walking the night alone. Much to Sayaka’s surprise, Madoka shall be joining her, and she couldn’t be more thankful. Knowing that a friend is nearby, the fear in her heart quickly subsided. She’ll be able to keep her cool, though there’s no telling what awaits them out there. Nevertheless, it wasn’t long before they found a familiar. While it may be no witch, it still poses a threat to society. Upon cornering her prey, an unexpected third party intervened. A fellow magical girl, Kyouko, has shown her face before Madoka and Sayaka. As purely a big game hunter, she can’t afford for Sayaka to be killing off her potential future Grief Seeds. She cares not if this familiar kills off a few humans to become a witch. On the other hand, Sayaka’s sense of justice won’t allow this line of thinking to stand. With neither side willing to back down, they soon came to blows. Now, this put Madoka in a very difficult position. Unable to stand around while her best friend was tossed around violently, she believed her only choice was to form a contract. As Sayaka’s defeat appeared imminent, Homura put an end to everything. Madoka shall not be making a wish on this day. Anyhow, ready for red versus blue? Enjoy a clash between magical girls!



End Card:




There will be no wishing today. Nonetheless, join us for another one next Friday.

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