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Kakushigoto T.V. Media Review Episode 7

by Yumiko

Hime’s getting a puppy?!

After learning everything one needs to know about being a responsible pet owner, Kakushi agreed to get his daughter a puppy. While Hime was excited, Kakushi’s assistants could hardly contain themselves. When Hime is at school, the puppy shall be at their office. However, this got Kakushi thinking. If the puppy is with him all the time, then there’s a chance his secret may be exposed. Still, a promise is a promise. He’ll get Hime the puppy they saw in a flier, though there’s a slight problem. All their puppies have been adopted. Nonetheless, Hime had an unexpected set of gifts awaiting her. She’s inherited a puppy and a piano. The piano in question belonged to her mother, and the puppy is a descendant of her mother’s dog. Although Kakushi was overjoyed to see his daughter smile about these presents, he wasn’t happy with the individual who sent them. Regardless, keeping Hime smiling is his top priority at the end of the day. Even though these gifts came from a despicable person, he’ll accept them for his daughter.

If it isn’t obvious enough, then Hime’s grandfather and her father are not on good terms. Within the public eye, Hime’s grandfather is seen as a respectable artist. As a father, he wanted nothing but the best for his daughter. Unfortunately, Kakushi’s line of work wasn’t up to his standards. Though their relationship is always on the rocks, Hime’s grandfather is always looking out for his granddaughter. Moreover, there’s been another small update from the future. Hime’s school friends have secretly followed her, though they weren’t the only ones. Their elementary school teacher, Ichiko, has tagged along. She’s come to join in on the fun, and to tell us some good and bad news. Anyhow, they can’t keep teasing the future forever. Enjoy the new puppy!





Surely the news can’t be that bad, right? Look forward to the future next Thursday.

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