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Akatsuki no Yona Blu-ray Media Review Episode 17

by Yumiko

Freedom or destiny?

After a long and safe journey, Yona and her entourage have made it to Port Awa. Ki-ja and Shin-ah assured the others that the Green Dragon Warrior was nearby, though there’s a slight problem. It’s as if he’s zooming all over the place. Nonetheless, resupplying for the next leg of their journey comes first. Going into town alone, Hak quickly noticed something was up. While everyone put on smiles, the people were all faking it. Though this didn’t faze him, what came next forced him to act. Keeping a low profile was out of the question once he saw a local woman being assaulted by the town’s guards. However, he wasn’t the only individual to step into the mix. A dashing mysterious green haired hero assisted in saving the damsel in distress. Although all three of them were able to run away unscathed, only Hak stayed around. He’ll be returning to Yona and friends empty-handed, but he’s unknowingly met their next Dragon Warrior.

The next day, Hak went off into town alone again. After being spotted out by the Green Dragon Warrior, he was pulled aside for some fun. During their retreat to a local hostess club, Hak learned firsthand what’s troubling this town. The local lord, Yang Kum-Ji, is absolutely corrupt. He’ll instantly take away one’s freedom without a second thought, and that’s something the Green Dragon Warrior can not stand. As a man that rejected his destiny, freedom is everything to him. Unfortunately, their chat was cut short. Sensing the other Dragon Warriors and Yona, the Green Dragon Warrior vanished. After linking back up with Yona and the others, Hak ran into the woman he saved. Thankful for what he had done, she invites them to her workplace for a meal. During their feast, they learn many of the horrors going on throughout Port Awa. However, there is one glimmer of hope in this situation. As strange as it seems, a group of pirates has been fighting back against Kum-Ji and his men at every turn. They may be an odd bunch, but they’ve never  hurt any of the locals.

While Yona and friends are unable to pinpoint the Green Dragon Warrior’s location, the focus shifts onto Jae-ha. The run away Green Dragon has his reasons for abandoning his village, but there’s more pressing issues at hand. Since leaving his home behind, he’s been a loyal member of Gi-gan’s pirate crew. They’ve been fighting against Kum-Ji for thirteen years, though things may soon be taking a serious turn. Captain Gi-gan believes their biggest battle yet is right around the corner. Although she loves her merry band of idiots, she knows they don’t have the power alone to take down Kum-Ji. Fortunately, Jae-ha may know of someone they can call upon. A fighting potential equal to the one in his right leg may be found in Hak. Even if he rejects, Jae-ha fully plans to sweet talk him into joining the crew. Anyhow, our stay within Port Awa has only just begun. Enjoy meeting the pirates of Awa!





Someone has gotta clean up this town. It’s a pirate’s life for thee next time.

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