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Itai no wa Iya nano de Bougyoryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu. Blu-ray Media Review Episode 3

by Yumiko

Nurf this!

New content has arrived, though that’s not all. Maple’s favorite ability, Devour, received a nurf. She’ll only get 10 charges per a day moving forward. Additionally, Maple will no longer be untouchable. Defense piercing mechanics have been added to the game. Nonetheless, Maple is still eager to continue adventuring with Sally. After diving back into NewWorld Online, they stopped at a café. It is here they overhear about the next event, and meet Dread and Drag. As fellow top ten participants from the previous event, they’ve told Maple and Sally about an interesting quest. Although the task requires one to be brave, a skill worth the risk awaits. Unfortunately, Sally has never been one to enjoy the company of ghosts. These woods may be haunted, yet their quest isn’t about slaying monsters. Upon freeing a tortured soul, Sally earned herself super speed.

Before the second event begins, Maple and Sally must advance to the next floor. While Sally still wishes to explore the first floor, staying ahead of the curve comes first. Now, access to the next floor requires clearing a dungeon. Taking care of the trash was easy enough, though Maple won’t be able to cheese her way through this boss. Sally shall be taking the lead this time around. She may be new to NewWorld Online, but her pro gaming experience has propelled her forward once again. After successfully clearing the dungeon, they run into Iz on the second floor. She’s finished crafting Maple’s new shield, and not a minute too soon. The second event shall soon begin, yet they still have some time before the hunt starts. Utilizing their spare time, Sally took Maple to a special area. Under a star filled sky, they enjoy an exceptional meal together.

Ready for the hunt? The next event won’t be starting this time, but we’ve been given the rules. A team based treasure hunt is where the fun begins. On the playing field is 300 silver coins up for grabs. Ten of these silver coins can later be converted into a gold coin. These gold coins may be exchanged after the event for special skills or equipment. As it turns out, Maple already has a gold coin. Her runner-up prize came with some value, after all. Still, Maple and Sally must be especially careful during this event. Entire guilds are fighting as one here. The Flame Emperors and their leader, Mii, have already made a strong showing prior to the event. They’re not the only ones they’ll have to watch out for, too. All those that made it into the previous top 10 have shown their faces at this event. Anyhow, it’s just a deer. Enjoy soloing another dungeon boss!


They made sure to keep in the very interesting frames.




The event has yet to begin. Join us for the official start next Tuesday.

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Yumiko (@guest_2362)
4 years ago

All video clips have now been given the correct quality.