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Princess Connect! Re:Dive T.V. Media Review Episode 6

by Yumiko

Every guild has to start somewhere.

With Karyl finally back home, Pecorine formally announced their very first guild quest. Those in charge of the harvest at Targum Village, Forestier, needs as many extra hands as they can get. Daily pay and a full set of spices await. After along journey with a few bumps along the way, everyone from Gourmet Guild made it to Targum Village in one piece. It is here they meet the leader of Forestier, Misato, and her two faithful members, Aoi and Hatsune. As excited as they are about the upcoming harvest, Hatsune is looking forward to reuniting with her frail little sister, Shiori. Now, Gourmet Guild won’t be the only organization helping out with this harvest. Although they’re running a tad late, Elizabeth Park is expected to show up at any moment. Unfortunately, they’ve run into trouble. At first, what appeared to be their doppelgängers suddenly spawned before them. While dealing with these shadows, a third party interfered. Claiming to be simply looking for some fun, Christina instantly leveled their battlefield. In the aftermath of her attack, Shiori got separated from the other members of her guild. Unable to pick herself back up, her doppelgänger took her hostage.

We’ve got a couple of firsts with this one. This was our first cliffhanger, and it established a somewhat serious tone for once. Thus far everything has been on the lighter side. Even the majority of this episode was the main group just having fun. However, the ending of this episode was that dash of darkness in the light. The fate of Shiori now hangs in the balance. Now, I wouldn’t get my hopes up too high. This isn’t the type of show to go around axing waifus. Help is surely on the way, right? Anyhow, two new guilds await below. Enjoy the spices of Targum Village!





Hold on to your seats! We’ve got a little sister to save next Monday.

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