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Gleipnir T.V. Media Review Episode 6

by Yumiko

New friends?

In the days that followed their first trip up into the mountains, Claire and Shuichi successfully established contact with Ikeuchi. Using the information they gathered off Sudo’s phone, they’ve gained a reluctant favor. Ikeuchi shall allow them to meet the group he’s a part of. While on the surface Claire walked in with good intentions, she’s only in this to gain further pawns. Her hunt for Elena is her top priority, after all. However, joining Ikeuchi’s group comes with a catch. In order to join, one must enter a special pact with their leader. Although they walked in without knowing this beforehand, Claire took the initiative. Making sure this pact isn’t costly, she’ll go first. After stepping aside with their leader, Claire found out firsthand that not all monsters change physically. Additionally, as she has nothing to hide, she’s made her hunt for Elena clear. This is something their leader may be able to help her with, yet only once she formally joins. The leader of this group based their power around detecting liars, and Claire doesn’t have a problem with that. If Claire ever betrays this group, then she’ll quickly find herself decapitated.

While Claire was off forming her special pact, Shuichi mingled with one of the group members, Chihiro Yoshioka. As a lover of animals, she was immediately drawn to Shuichi’s monster form. As she got to know a little more about Shuichi, she learned that their end goals were quite similar. Additionally, she asked if Shuichi could help her find her lost wallet. If her identity is leaked, then there’s no telling what could happen to her or her family. Although this was well within Shuichi’s capabilities, Yoshioka had a difficult time keeping up with him. Her ability to communicate with animals didn’t boost her base stats, thus riding inside Shuichi was the only logical conclusion. Now, unknown to them two other crucial events were taking place at the same time. They’ve been jealously followed by Ikeuchi, and he’s not happy in the least bit. He’s recorded every step of their search with his ability, though he’ll soon find it difficult to keep watching. Moreover, Yoshioka’s wallet was found. A member of Elena’s group, Subaru, believes this to be his lucky day.

There’s no action to be found this time, but we’ve got several new characters to play with. However, one should not forget Sanbe. He’s been informed about Claire’s next step, yet he won’t be joining this group. He only agreed to fight alongside Claire and Shuichi. This is for the best, though. They’ll have a future trump card if they ever need to exit their special pacts. Anyhow, they sure are taking a long time to find that wallet. Enjoy a new pairing inside Shuichi!





They’re heading into trouble. Action like you’ve never seen before is on the way.

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