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Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica Blu-ray Media Review Episode 4

by Yumiko

She’ll never forget.

Mami’s death is a moment that continues to race through Madoka’s mind. Although the world around her remains normal, what had happened was far from it. Only those who were there will know of Mami’s ultimate fate. The rest of the world will view her as forever missing. Devastated by this conclusion, Madoka no longer wishes to become a magical girl. In turn, Kyuubey has given her some space. He can not force her into a contract, after all. Still, even if the world forgets her, Madoka will not. However, Mami isn’t the only one Madoka will never forget. She’s sworn to Homura that she’ll always remember her. While Homura was humbled by Madoka’s words, another warning was sent her way. That kindness of hers may one day bring greater sadness.

Madoka’s path to becoming a magical girl may be dead, but the same can not be said for Sayaka. Growing more and more frustrated with his condition, Kyosuke lashed out at Sayaka. With current medical science, there was no hope that he could ever be a musician again. Only a miracle could mend Kyosuke’s broken hand. Fortunately, such miracles do exist. Unable to further watch the one she loves wither in pain, a new magical girl was born. Meanwhile, Madoka noticed that one of her friends, Hitomi, was entranced by a witch. Upon following Hitomi and her group, she quickly realized what was about to take place. While she was able to stop their mass suicide, the witch won’t let her get away. After being pulled into the witch’s labyrinth, Madoka was relentlessly tortured by the memories of Mami’s death. Believing this to be a just punishment for her inaction, the witch nearly claimed her. However, Mitakihara City has a new protector. Swooping in at the very last moment, Sayaka saves the day. She’s formally taken up Mami’s position, yet not all are happy about this.

There’s a lesson to be learned here. Mami warned Sayaka about using wishes for others, though love makes even the greatest blind. Sayaka has entered a world she can not walk away from, and she’s used it all on a wish she may soon regret. Aside from having to deal with Homura and the witches, she’ll soon have a new competitor at her doorstep. With Mami no longer in the picture, Kyouko Sakura plans to take over Mami’s spot while simultaneously crushing Sayaka. There’s only room for one hunter in this town. Anyhow, Homura’s job is never over. Enjoy trying to save a life!



End Card:




This city isn’t big enough for two. A conflict among magical girls begins next Friday!

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