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Kakushigoto T.V. Media Review Episode 6

by Yumiko


In honor of his readers, Kakushi has suddenly begun a new chapter in life. Taking on more work than he could possibly ever accomplish on time, he soon realized what he had signed up for. An autograph signing is out of the question, though it was far too late to cancel. On top of that, he had a planned outing with Hime on the same day. Her reservation for Kidzanira is something he absolutely can’t cancel on. Fortunately, both events are being held within the same building. While Hime gets to try out numerous professions, her father learned just how many fans appreciate his work. Even a child as young as Hime showed up with their parent. Still, keeping Hime in the dark is always her father’s top priority, well until he got a little too excited. A minor slip up caused Hime to see her father. Fortunately, Hime has never seen her father in his manga attire. Between Ichiko’s quick thinking and his casual clothes, Hime didn’t suspect a thing. Nonetheless, the rest of the day went off without a hitch. As the day began to fade away, Kakushi received another gift from his daughter. This shall be another treasured memory with many more to come.

As always, there’s been another update from future Hime. She’s opened up one of the gifts left behind by her father. Her father made her a simple slice of life comedy manga about a family. A family Hime could only dream of, and one her father could only gift her. Moreover, present Hime suddenly received a new backpack. She’s been getting a new one each year, and the sender in question calls himself, Naoto Date. Although her father knows exactly who’s sending these backpacks, he’s been feeding Hime excuses. Now, the sender in question is obvious, though we’ll wait till the anime truly reveals it. Just know that there’s some family drama between Kakushi and his wife’s family. Not everyone can appreciate his type of art. Anyhow, there’s still at least one more future gift opening. Enjoy taking another step closer to the truth!





It’s our first half way point of the season. Look forward to the second half here at, Anime Solution.

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