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Gleipnir T.V. Media Review Episode 5

by Yumiko

Not all monsters seek the coins.

In order to ensure that power doesn’t fall into the incorrect hands, Claire and Shuichi have joined the ranks of the gatherers. While coins may be found all over their hometown, the most lucrative spot is at the crash site. Far from the eyes of ordinary onlookers, numerous battles among monsters are taking place. However, it appears not every monster is out there searching for coins. The first individual Claire and Shuichi came across only cared to test his strength. Fights against normal humans just won’t do, though against fellow monsters he’s prepared to go all out. Now, this was one fight Claire and Shuichi were way out of their league to handle. In terms of pure strength, they were quickly outmatched. Still, two heads are better than one. They’ve managed to outwit their opponent, but this battle shall not end with further blood on their hands.

After regaining consciousness, Tadanori Sanbe admitted defeat. He was fully prepared to give up his life, though there’s nothing to be gained there. Claire only wished to obtain some leverage over him. At the same time, another monster was watching these events unfold. Unable to hold himself back, he was ready to blackmail the lot and make them his slaves. However, Tadanori has no time for low life scum. This monster found himself quickly split in two. Nonetheless, Claire has found a way to put Tadanori’s life to good use. He’ll be joining them in their hunt for coins, and he’ll have plenty of difficult opponents to fight ahead of him. Additionally, they’ve found their next targets to go after. The monster Tadanori slew left behind a lot of information on his phone. Claire will be putting all this new-found intel to good use. Anyhow, these mountains belong to no one. Enjoy the struggle for power!





We’ve got new targets to question. Join us for another stay in the mountains next Sunday.

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