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Princess Connect! Re:Dive T.V. Media Review Episode 5

by Yumiko

Where does it hurt?

What appeared as a simple cold has bedridden Yuuki. Fearing for the worst, Gourmet Guild rushed Yuuki to the nearest hospital. Although they left Yuuki in the capable hands of Mitsuki and Nanaka, there’s something not right about this hospital. Some would call this place a prison, though the road to recovery is never painless. Now, unknown to the female members of the guild, Yuuki previously assisted one of the staff members of this hospital, Eriko. Ever since that incident, she’s only had eyes for Yuuki. She’ll be using this chance opportunity to tie the knot with him, yet help is on the way. The following day, Pecorine realized where they had left Yuuki. A guild with a notorious reputation, Twilight Caravan, were the ones providing care for Yuuki. They’ve already witnessed one patient attempting to leave early, thus a plan to bust Yuuki out was quickly hatched. Unfortunately, a sacrifice was needed. Karyl may be gone for now, although she’ll return 30% better! Regardless, Kokkoro and Pecorine carried Yuuki off for a second opinion. As it turns out, Yuuki is well on his way to recovery. Doctor Mitsuki may be on the eccentric side, but she’s the real deal.

Once more, we’ve been handed another episode full of excitement with Gourmet Guild. Aside from the initial introductions, the pattern will likely be fun with the main cast while also introducing a few side characters. This was the third guild we’ve had the pleasure of meeting, and there’s certainly plenty more to come. Princess Connect has a drop dead gorgeous waifu for nearly everyone. Anyhow, the doctor is in. Enjoy a round of experimental treatment with Twilight Caravan!





Who will we meet next? Stay tuned for more princesses next Monday!

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