Otome Game no Hametsu Flag shika Nai Akuyaku Reijou ni Tensei shiteshimatta… T.V. Media Review Episode 5

It’s not easy being a commoner.

Katarina and Maria have started to become close friends. Even the student council members have begun to warm up to her. However, outside the student council office, Maria keeps others at a distance. She’s no stranger when it comes to being bullied. Those that believe a commoner has no place within the student council continue to harass her, though Katarina is always close by. Nonetheless, Katarina desired to take their friendship to the next level. While Maria was busy even on her off days, Katarina found a way around that. What began as a trip to learn more about farming led Katarina and Keith to Maria’s hometown. Delighted to see that her daughter made friends, Katarina and Keith were quickly welcomed in. Although they had just stopped by to say hello, Katarina couldn’t help to tend to their fields. In exchange for Katarina’s hard work, she’s been rewarded with some of Maria’s finest homemade sweets.

While this episode didn’t trigger any doom flags, it went into depth about Maria’s upbringing. Being a commoner with magic isn’t as great as it seems. Between her family falling apart due to baseless rumors, her peers distancing themselves from her, and being labeled as a special child, Maria felt helplessly trapped. Not even her own mother could comfort her during these times. Fortunately, things have begun to change for Maria. She may never know the true reasoning behind it all, but Katarina has brightened her days. With a true friend at her back, Katarina shall always find a warm seat at the Campbell home. Anyhow, word of Katarina’s little hobby at school has gotten out. Enjoy a meeting with mama Claes!





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Back to back! You’ll see more Bakarina next Saturday.

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