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Otome Game no Hametsu Flag shika Nai Akuyaku Reijou ni Tensei shiteshimatta… T.V. Media Review Episode 4

by Yumiko

The time has finally come.

Katarina and those closest to her have enrolled at the magic academy. It is here where the true game begins, and where the heroine takes the stage. Although exceptionally rare, there are commoners born with the ability to use magic. Maria Campbell just so happen to hit the jackpot, and she has the rarest magic attribute, too. As the hot topic around school, she’s attracted a few admires. Despite Katarina’s best efforts, Gerald and Keith have both encountered Maria. Their meetings were exactly as they happened in the game, though Katarina isn’t playing her part as the villainess. She doesn’t plan to interfere with their love lives. Still, there’s no telling what the future will bring. If she does somehow end up exiled, then preparations have already begun. Katarina’s gardening day shall continue on at school. A farmer’s life isn’t that bad, right?

She may have been born into nobility, but her grades are as average as they come. The same can not be said for Katarina’s friends. Many of them have earned top marks, and those at the top are automatically assigned to the student council. Additionally, Maria made her way onto the student council. She’s taken the second spot right behind Gerald. In the game, Katarina had no business visiting the student council office, but things are completely different this time around. If her friends are there, then she’ll be there too. However, this has also given her an opportunity to meet Maria face to face. Indulging in her love for sweets, she’s used her game knowledge to get on Maria’s good side. Maria has quite the talent for baking, though she doesn’t believe her food belongs in the student council office. Katarina quickly put such thoughts to bed, yet not everyone can agree to that. The following day, Maria was bullied for attempting to bring her sweets to the student council. Fortunately, Katarina arrived before things went too far. Maria’s bullies were quickly chased off, and Katarina has showed Maria how much her sweets mean to her. Even though they were tossed on the ground, Katarina ate them all with joy.

Katarina’s prior knowledge has already changed a number of events, but now she’s stolen a major romance moment. In the game, Gerald was the one to save Maria from being bullied. Could this small act be her eventual saving grace? Nonetheless, Katarina’s school days have only just begun. There’s plenty more of this game to come. Anyhow, it’s a farmer’s life for us. Enjoy tending to the crops!





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She’s done it again. Stay tuned for more Bakarina real soon.

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