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Kakushigoto T.V. Media Review Episode 5

by Yumiko

Bathrobe party!

They’ve met their deadline, though there’s one problem. The editorial staff didn’t approve of a certain dirty joke. As such, Kakushi and his assistants must get back to work. With little time remaining, they’ll have to work all night to make their new deadline. Unfortunately, this means spending a night away from Hime. While Kakushi worried about his daughter’s safety, Hime was having the time of her life. Surrounded by many of her father’s wacky friends, she was never in a single ounce of danger. Nonetheless, Kakushi was able to make it just in time. As dawn broke, he rushed home to Hime. As a reward for her father’s hard work, Hime gifted him with a gold medal. Although Kakushi may not always remain gold within Hime’s heart, he’s made sure to remember the date. His signature on the back of Hime’s gold medal is a memory they’ll both never forget.

Speaking of never forgetting, future Hime recalled that very moment. Those four boxes in front of her are without a doubt from her father. There’s no one that knows her father’s handwriting better than her. Still, the ultimate fate of Kakushi remains in the balance. Just what will happen to him in the space of eight years? Anyhow, ready to place judgment upon others? Enjoy grading the manuscripts!


For your proper viewing pleasure…




Click here for the 5th webm collection.


What else does the future hold in store? Stay tuned for more next Thursday.

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