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Princess Connect! Re:Dive T.V. Media Review Episode 4

by Yumiko

Let’s get started!

Gourmet Guild may have a place to call their own, but it didn’t come prepared for them. Their new home needs a lot of work to be hospitable. As such, they have an entire day of cleaning and restocking ahead of them. In order to ensure tasks get done in time, they’ve broken down the work. Karyl and Yuuki shall attend to the deep cleaning, and Pecorine took on building the center piece of their home. However, the biggest task of them all awaited Kokkoro. What began as a simple trip into town for essential supplies turned into a full-blown adventure. Kokkoro has made several new interesting friends, though most importantly she’s returned home in one piece. Regardless of all the chaos, Gourmet Guild can now sit together under one roof. Pecorine’s table has played host to the first of many meals to come.

While this was mostly just a fun cleaning episode, Yuuki took an unexpected tumble. A moment of unconsciousness led him to a meeting with Ameth. Although she did all the talking, we’ve learned that this world isn’t quite right. What everyone has accepted as the truth is in fact wrong. Additionally, Yuuki has surrounded himself with companions connected to the mystery of this world. Each of them come with their own mission and problems, too. That goes especially for Karyl. She’s one to always keep an eye on. Anyhow, he was only out cold for a brief moment. Enjoy a meal with Gourmet Guild!





Click here for the 4th webm collection.


It’s getting cozy in here. We can’t stay home forever, so join us for a new adventure next time.

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