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Princess Connect! Re:Dive T.V. Media Review Episode 3

by Yumiko

Not the bugs!

Circumstances of Pecorine’s elimination have changed. Karyl has been given a new mission. She is to simply observe Pecorine, though that’s easier said than done. Making friends just isn’t one of her strong suits. Additionally, Pecorine has gotten herself into quite the savory situation. In order to fuel her love for food, she’s taken up a part-time job at a restaurant. However, this establishment includes a hidden menu that includes bugs. As a lover of all types of food, Pecorine and friends dove in without a second thought. Unfortunately, a rival business won’t let this private menu go unheard of. A man posing as a food critic threaten to shut them down. If they could not provide a dish to his standards, then everyone would supposedly hear about it. With the head chef out of commission, Pecorine worked her magic in the kitchen. Seizing the opportunity at hand, Karyl ensured that Pecorine’s food was heavenly. Even though it was another bug dish, the taste was to die for. Still, some critics can’t be reasoned with in the end. A good knock in the gut shall set him straight.

In the aftermath of the cooking fiasco, Karyl reconsidered her position on making a guild with Pecorine and friends. They would be hopeless without her, after all. Much to Kokkoro’s excitement, they’ll no longer have to worry about finding lodging. All official guilds are given free housing. With a place to call their own, Gourmet Guild has just begun its journey. Moving forward, they plan to travel the world and indulge in its many flavors. Anyhow, would you eat a bug dish? Enjoy a free meal on Gourmet Guild!





Click here for the 3rd webm collection.


Welcome to the guild! Get ready for another flavor next Wednesday!

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Yumiko (@guest_2370)
3 years ago

Glad to see we have another vocal Priconne fan here. Christina’s physique is quite impressive.

Tashiro Sato
Tashiro Sato (@guest_2369)
3 years ago

We meet large chested Christina Morgan