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Kakushigoto T.V. Media Review Episode 4

by Yumiko

Feeling lucky?

Hime has approached her father with a difficult question. Just why has she never seen him draw once? Of course, this is a question Kakushi must handle with utmost delicacy. While he wishes to impress his daughter, he must not expose his life’s work. Now, Hime didn’t bring this topic up out of the blue. An upcoming school assignment requires her to draw scenery. This presented a perfect opportunity for some much-needed bonding time, though Kakushi isn’t very confident in his background drawing skills. With a team of assistants at his back, all he’s been doing is character art for years. On top of that, he must ensure that he doesn’t do his daughter’s work. After taking an art class and inviting Hime’s teacher along for a “date”, the Gotou family headed out to the zoo the following day. Although Hime didn’t get to capture a tiger, she drew something that made her father remember a memory from the past. When her mother was still around, they snapped a picture that was nearly identical.

Speaking of Hime’s mother, we’ve been given confirmation that the gifts left behind were from her mother. However, the boxes standing in front of future Hime may be a different case. We’ve yet to hear word of her father’s whereabouts. One can only hope for the best at this point. Anyhow, ready to hear your fortune? Enjoy a name change for good luck!





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