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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 131

by Yumiko

Meanwhile in Hage Village…

With a moment still to breathe, Asta returns home along with Noelle and Secré. However, he’s not the only magic knight to call Hage home. Together with Yuno, they’ve learned firsthand how much their village has changed. In aftermath of the conflict with the elves, Hage Village was able to quickly recover. Additionally, the villagers were inspired by Asta and Yuno’s feats. In order to prepare the next generation, a magic school now stands within the village. It is here the rivals reunite with many familiar faces. They even got to conduct a lesson of their own, too. Still, they were only given a day to play. If they wish to see their friends and family continue to smile, then they must prepare for the upcoming battle. As the sun began to set, the rivals faced one another at an all to familiar spot. They may be about equal now, but they’ve both vowed to grow stronger in the future.

Rumor has it that Black Clover may be going on break due to the current global crisis. If that does happen, then rest assured that Black Clover will return here once it’s back on air. Moreover, for an anime original episode, this wasn’t too bad. There were actually a few superb moments. I never thought we would get a decent looking flying broom scene, but here we have it. Even a random villager was given a great cut. Anyhow, Hage Village can only go up from here. Enjoy a trip back home!





Click here for the 131st webm collection.


When does the training begin? Join us for a drastic change in scenery next Tuesday.

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