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Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T T.V. Media Review Episode 11

by Yumiko

Can she be stopped?

Returning Saten’s good luck charm came with unexpected news. Touma found out there’s a plot involving Misaka going on, and he’ll have no time to lose. Those after her have already begun their experiment, though the path to level 6 isn’t instantaneous. Upon arriving on scene, he was given the full details by Misaki. She believed Imagine Breaker to be the key to snapping Misaka back to her senses, yet that’s easier said than done. In her current state, she’s near untouchable. Her ascension to level 6 has caused her to lose all control, and there’s someone whispering in her ear using Mental Out. Fortunately, this battle caught the eye of another level 5. Sogiita Gunha jumped into the fray without a second thought. He’s happily teamed up with Touma, although their best attempt thus far wasn’t enough to stop her. They’ll need to land more than a simple touch to end this hectic day.

Stopping Misaka is only half the battle. Misaki won’t allow Gensei to use Exterior as he pleases. Still, catching this mad scientist is a challenge in itself. He was nowhere to be found on the roof of her hideout, though Mitori’s doppelgänger was there to greet her. Now, this is one match-up Misaki had no chance of winning. Mental Out can do nothing against liquid metal, after all. Fortunately, those at Judgment 177 never stopped looking into Mitori’s case. Although Kuroko’s arrival was impeccable timing, Misaki only had time to fill her in on the essentials. It’ll be up to Kuroko to catch Mitori, the one whispering in Misaka’s ears. Nonetheless, Misaki has a battle of her own waiting. She’s finally found Gensei. Anyhow, the battlefield is all setup. Enjoy the first round of action!





Click here for the 11th webm collection.


The climax has only just gotten started. We’ll be back with more next Monday.

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