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Gleipnir T.V. Media Review Episode 2

by Yumiko

There’s only one logical conclusion between a fight with monsters.

After some quick thinking by Claire, the new duo is able to shake their enemy. While they’ve bought valuable time, Shuichi believed running to be their only option. Their assailant will not stop until they take Claire’s coin. However, there’s no turning back from this fight. Not only have their faces been seen, they now know where Claire lives. Upon taking a closer look at Shuichi’s transformed body, Claire found the key to solving all their problems. His mascot-like appearance isn’t just for show. Unknown to Shuichi, a zipper can be found on his back. Although they didn’t know what dangers lied ahead, it was a gamble Claire was willing to take. Becoming one connected them on a level they never thought possible, though this battle will take everything they’ve got. As Claire grew more familiar with Shuichi’s body, she became the one thing he lacked as a monster. Nonetheless, this battle may only end on Claire’s terms. Merely defeating their foe wasn’t enough. She’s shown Shuichi that the gun in his holster is no mere toy.

A week blew by, yet Shuichi could hardly believe what took place. Every day at school, he did his best to avoid Claire. Still, Claire isn’t one to be ignored. She’s dragged him out of the shadows, and convinced him to stay by her side. However, she didn’t just use her words. In order to put Shuichi’s fears to bed, she proved it with her actions. If Shuichi is to ever fall, then she too will join him. They are in this together till the very end, after all. In turn, Claire revealed why she attempted to commit suicide. Prior to meeting Shuichi, her parents were murdered by her sister, Elena. Now, Elena isn’t normal in the least bit. She’s a monster just like Shuichi, and she was the one that gave Claire her coin. It’s now Claire’s hope to one day confront her sister with Shuichi by her side.

What’s so special about these coins? We’ve been shown a number of flashbacks at this point. Many of them involved a coin similar to the one Claire holds. Their assailant, Hikawa, over heard a rumor one day about an abandoned love hotel. There a vending machine can be found that only takes these coins. Hikawa just so happened to find one of the coins, and what appeared to be a young man greeted her. In exchange for finding one of his coins, he granted her a wish. Although she would later come to regret this deal. Moreover, another flashback displayed a wish that took place six months prior to the start of our story. Claire’s sister, Elena, used her wish on another. She’s had her eyes on Shuichi for quite some time. Anyhow, ready for some blood? Enjoy the first of many battles between monsters!





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Wishes never come without consequences. Join us for further reveals next Sunday.

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