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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 130

by Yumiko

Another meeting?!

As previously stated, we’ve hit a wall of filler. The majority of the information told throughout this episode has already been covered. However, there were a few takeaway points. These include the formal introduction of the Magic Stage system to the Clover Kingdom, pardoning of past misdeeds, and there’s another captain hopelessly in love. Among these three, the pardons should be given special attention. No longer feeling fit to lead a magic knight squad, William expressed his desire to step down from his position. He wasn’t the only individual that believed they should be punished. Several of the captains were taken over by the elves. Still, the Clover Kingdom needs its strongest magic knights more than ever. If they wish to atone for their past sins, then they may do so by continuing to protect the kingdom. Additionally, a former captain has had their crimes forgiven. The Clover Kingdom is in need of a successful businessman, and Gueldre is second to none in that category. Rebuilding a kingdom is expensive, after all. Anyhow, Rill has fallen for a woman with two types of magic. Enjoy a meeting with all your favorite captains!





Click here for the 130th webm collection.


Our filler content has only just gotten started. Join us for more filler next Tuesday!

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