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Akatsuki no Yona Blu-ray Media Review Episode 15

by Yumiko

She had to learn the truth at some point.

The journey ahead will be a long one. In order to find the Green Dragon Warrior, Yona’s party must travel the safest route. Upon taking one of their detours, they found themselves before a village on its last leg. Despite the conditions of the village, Yona entered with a smile. Eagerly willing to help those in need, she approached a sickly man that couldn’t even sit up on his own. While he was thankful for her aid, he began to speak of the future and past. Although he was hopeful for the new king, this individual had nothing positive to say about Yona’s father. Under King Il’s rule, he only knew suffering. Such words came as a shock to Yona, yet she soon learned that this man’s opinion was held by many. King Il shall be remembered as a cowardly king that left his people to the wolves. Now, the reality of the situation wasn’t one Yona was expecting. All those years of living behind the castle walls have truly come crumbling down.

While Yona is left in tears, another event was brewing. Su-won paid an unexpected visit to the capital of the Earth Tribe, Chi’Shin. The leader of this tribe, General Geun-Tae was quick to welcome him in, though he wasn’t pleased to learn what this visit was about. On the surface, it appeared Su-won had simply come to do some sightseeing. As a man known for his exploits on the battlefield, Geun-Tae had low expectations for his new king. Su-won is nothing like his late father, after all. However, he may soon change his mind on that matter. After spending a day of learning the ins and outs of the Earth Tribe, Su-won wished to put on a show. A war game will be held in a week’s time at Chi’Shin. It may not be the war Geun-Tae desired, but his people are in a frenzy about it. Anyhow, Yona and friends are taking a backseat for now. Enjoy the sights of the Earth Tribe!





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Get ready for the war games! We’ll be back with action next time.

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