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Otome Game no Hametsu Flag shika Nai Akuyaku Reijou ni Tensei shiteshimatta… T.V. Media Review Episode 1

by Yumiko

Reborn as the villainess?!

Up until recently, Katarina Claes lived without a care in the world. As the eldest daughter of a duke, she was ensured a long and luxurious life. Unfortunately, that all changed during an outing with the third crowned prince, Gerald Stuart. After taking an unexpected fall, she remembered her previous life. Prior to her untimely death, she was an otaku with a thirst for otome games. In particular, Fortune Lover was a favorite of hers. Upon waking from her fall, Gerald took full responsibility. He’s proposed to Katarina on the spot, and she’s absentmindedly accepted. However, this act really got her thinking. Something about this new world felt far too familiar. Though it could purely be coincidence, she’s confirmed her worst fear. She’s been reincarnated into the world Fortune Lover is set in. Consequently, the role of Katarina is that of the villainess. Among all the possible routes, her character is only known to get bad ends. If nothing is done, she’ll either be exiled or killed. Fortunately, she has time to make her own happy future. Before the official start of the game, Katarina has already begun to make major changes. Using her knowledge of the game, this villainess shall forge herself a good end.

There are many problems ahead, though there’s only so much one can do at a time. While the game doesn’t start until the cast hits 15, Katarina has already begun working on two problems. First, Katarina’s fiancé, Gerald, may end up killing her. In order to counter this bad end, she’s begun honing her sword and earth magic skills. However, there’s a much bigger threat at home. Her newly introduced step-brother, Keith Claes, is also a potential threat to her life. Instead of letting things play out as they did in the game, Katarina has already changed Keith’s life. He won’t be growing up lonely. In fact, he’s started to become the little brother she’s always wanted. Let’s just hope he can keep his magic in check.

This is slightly a sudden pick up here. Due to the ongoing global crisis, the spring 2020 schedule had a few other shows in mind. However, since those are being pushed back to summer, I’ve had to look at a handful of new titles. With that said, I’m glad I got see this one for myself. This was an unexpected treat. I know we haven’t gotten to cover a Silver Link show in a while, though I’m happy to report they’ve struck gold with the first episode. Between the excellent pacing, a villainess that can carry herself, and the remarkable visuals, this is a solid contender for the top spot of the season. Anyhow, there’s many more problems to come. Enjoy restarting life with only doom in sight!




Episode 1:




Click here for the 1st webm collection.


We’re still doomed. Stick around for more each Friday!

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Yumiko (@guest_2385)
4 years ago

As the individual that convinced me to review this, I thank you for pointing out this title to me. Bakarina is truly an entertaining character. I’m looking forward to more from this one throughout the season.

Small turtle
Small turtle (@guest_2384)
4 years ago

Loved the review well done! Also loving the anime.