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Kakushigoto T.V. Media Review Episode 2

by Yumiko

Out of sight, out of mind!

With his latest deadline met, Kakushi hoped to spend as much time as possible with Hime. Unfortunately, the upcoming two-day school trip slipped his mind. While he won’t stop his daughter from going, he’s found his own way to tag along. A sudden company trip did just the trick, though things don’t go quite as planned. Every time he attempted to aid his daughter from the shadows, he only made matters worse. Later on, Hime and Kakushi were able to enjoy a festival together. Nothing could possibly go wrong here, right? Well, it seems Kakushi’s work can be found at every corner. Even if it means spending every last cent, he’ll ensure that Hime never finds out the truth.

Aside from further job hiding shenanigans, there’s a slightly serious side building up. At the start of episode one, we were given a flash-forward to an 18-year-old Hime. Although her father’s secret was kept well hidden throughout the years, she finally learned the truth. Now, during this episode we saw more of that future. Before that, we learned about a set of gifts that were left behind for Hime. She believed these gifts were made in advance by her father, though even he had forgotten their existence. Upon seeing that the gifts only went up to age 16, Kakushi decided to extend the line. At the scene where Hime found out the truth, she’s discovered four gifts left behind by her father. Moreover, these flash-forwards are heavily implying something has happened to Kakushi. While there are countless possibilities, it would seem he’s no longer around. Anyhow, are you prepared for the annual Hime drill? Enjoy putting on the perfect act!





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The future is never certain. We’ll be back with more next Thursday.

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