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Princess Connect! Re:Dive T.V. Media Review Episode 1

by Yumiko

One more time?

Opening his eyes just like any other day, Yuuki, the Princess Knight, is suffering from a major case of amnesia. Besides his name, he can not remember even the most basic of functions. Fortunately, he will not have to brave this strange world alone. Upon opening his eyes, his faithful guide, Kokkoro, was ready to serve his every need. Sent by the oracle, Ameth, she is prepared for the adventures ahead. However, without any of his memories, Yuuki seemly can’t take on the most basic of foes. Even wolves proved to be an overwhelming challenge for him. On top of this, one won’t get far in this world without any money. After accepting a collection quest for mushrooms, they found a girl knocked out from hunger pains. Once given a little food, Pecorine was back up on her feet. Still, this quest came with more dangers than expected. The mushrooms are alive, and they don’t take too kind to being eaten. Quickly overwhelmed by their numbers, Yuuki displayed why he is the one and only Princess Knight. As Yuuki empowered those around him, these mushroom-monsters didn’t stand a chance.

Episode one is as basic as it gets. If you’ve seen any anime fantasy setting from the last decade, then you already know what to expect. Moreover, the story behind this may seem a bit confusing at first. The source material is a game, but we’re starting off on part two. After the events of the first game is where we find ourselves. This was hinted at during a quick flashback, though the show will likely get more into this later on. Furthermore, the waifu game in this show is off the charts. If nothing else, Cygames Pictures blew it out of the water there. These girls have been beautifully animated. You’ll have a feast for the eyes below. Anyhow, ready to form your all-star harem? Enjoy starting at below average intelligence!





Click here for the 1st webm collection.


He’ll have to remember sooner or later. Join us for another adventure next Wednesday.

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Yumiko (@guest_2387)
3 years ago

Though I’ve only seen select episodes from Konosuba, I’m absolutely loving Princess Connect. Every episode thus far has been a feast for the eyes.

Custom (@guest_2386)
3 years ago

This series is like Konosuba even though it’s not as funny but has good humor.

Custom (@guest_954)
3 years ago

This series is like Konosuba even though it’s not as funny but has good humor.