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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 129

by Yumiko

It’s going to be a long six months.

Following the results of Asta’s brave charge through the waterfall, the battle has come to a halt. As it turns out, this was all a test put together by Queen Loropechika and Undine. Although she may be a klutz, she has a pressing issue at hand. The cursed one they had come seeking is none other than herself. While only a handful know of the truth, Megicula was able to infiltrate the Heart Kingdom. During the attack on the kingdom, not even her strongest were able to fend off this devil. With only a year left to live if her curse isn’t removed, she now looks to the Clover Kingdom for aid. After reuniting with Gaja and the knights he tested, Queen Loropechika reached out for a formal alliance between their nations. Gaining permission from Julius was easy enough, still this is only the first step. Loropechika plans to invade the land Megicula has claimed as their own, the Spade Kingdom. This battle will begin in six months. However, there’s a bit of a problem. Even if an individual is ranked at stage one currently, they must seek to push their limits further. If this battle is to be won, everyone one must be stage zero and beyond. Asta and friends now have six months of training to do, and they may do so freely under Yami’s orders.

Let’s take a minute to examine the Magic Stage system and the battle ahead. Moving forward, this system will be used among the four kingdoms to assess an individual’s power. There are ten stages with nine being the lowest and zero being the highest. However, a rare few are listed as arcane stage. Among the Clover populace, a handful of these individuals can be found. Mages within the Heart Kingdom have opted to stay closer to nature, though it’s a totally different case over in the Cover Kingdom. Their knights have magic that can reach unfathomable limits. Such magic will be needed if they plan to stand a chance against a devil of Megicula’s caliber. Fortunately, we already know a few of them. Asta, Secré, Yami and even formerly Julius belonged to this special stage. Moreover, those within the Spade Kingdom won’t be sitting idle for the next six months. They’ve set their eyes on the Diamond Kingdom. Scouts from the Blacks Bulls have already returned with grim results. A single mage from the Spade Kingdom was able to take out 100’s alone.

This whole six months of training is canon to the manga, but in reality it was done to keep the anime airing. As we’re extremely close to the source material, they can not really begin animating the next major arc yet. So, get ready for filler hell for a while. Hopefully things don’t get too bad quality wise. Personally, I’m hoping they take advantage of this filler. During this time focus should be either given to Yuno or the ongoing battle within the Diamond Kingdom. Off-screening the training would be preferable, though I doubt that’s happening. Anyhow, it’s going to be a long season of filler. Enjoy allying with the Heart Kingdom!




Episode 129:






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