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Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T T.V. Media Review Episode 10

by Yumiko

She’s more than just a doll.

As Misaka and Misaki rush back to Misaki’s hideout, Misaki started to remember the past. Prior to the completion of Exterior, she was assigned to become friends with the prototype clone, Dolly. While at the time she was unaware of Dolly’s origins, those in charge of the research facility needed Dolly to perform. The recent lost of Doll’s friend, Mi, had her unable to give proper results. As such, they believed using Misaki’s ability as a replacement for Mi would do the trick. Although Dolly played along, she knew the girl before her wasn’t Mi. Even so, Dolly enjoyed every moment with Misaki. During their time together, they became close friends. Unfortunately, Dolly was never meant to live long. Following the death of Dolly, Misaki was no longer performing well. However, Dolly’s death was an eye-opening moment for Misaki. Those in charge of the facility didn’t realize how much Misaki’s power was growing. Not only did she gain complete control of everyone at the facility, she learned the truth behind Exterior. The giant clone of her brain was created to give anyone the abilities of Mental Out. After said project was completed, she was to be disposed of. Though that never came to fruition, Misaki took over Exterior as her own ability booster.

Upon finally arriving at Misaki’s hideout, the unlikely duo found Exterior floating about safely. However, nothing else made sense. The staff of the facility and Gensei’s forces were nowhere to be found. After contacting her right-hand man, Keitz, they learned Misaka 10032 was safe up on the roof. Sadly, the good news stopped there. Gensei suddenly appeared before Keitz, and revealed he had gained access to Exterior. As Misaka raced to the top, Gensei dispelled Misaki’s protections on Misaka 10032, then infected the Misaka Network with a virus. It was at this point Gensei revealed his master plan. With Misaka standing before him, he’s begun to forcefully shift her into a level 6 esper. Anyhow, this light show hasn’t gone unnoticed. Enjoy reminiscing about the past!





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Has she reached the next level? Stay tuned for another one next Monday.

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