Gleipnir T.V. Media Review Episode 1

What’s that smell?

Third-year high school student, Shuichi Kagaya, was on track for a bright future. However, that all changed on one fateful night. Although he can not remember what took place, he is no longer human. He’s gained the ability to transform himself into a mascot-like monster. This ability has also heightened his sense of smell beyond human capabilities. So much so, there are now certain smells that make him lose self-control. Nonetheless, Shuichi just wants a normal life. Even if it meant throwing away a decent future, he was ready for the tough times ahead. Unfortunately, fate had other plans for him. Look out into the distance one night, he spotted a fire in the mountains. Believing he could use his powers for good, Shuichi leapt into action. At the scene of the fire, he found a first-year from his school who appeared unconscious. While he was able to rescue her without a problem, he made several critical mistakes doing so. Between leaving his phone behind, losing his mind over her scent, and dispelling his transformation before her eyes, Claire Aoki is now looking at life a little differently.

The following day at school, Claire used her newfound knowledge against Shuichi. With the threat of his secret being leaked, Shuichi attempted to play off the previous night. Unfortunately, Shuichi has never gone up against a girl like Claire. At the end of the day, Shuichi was now her plaything. Before heading to Claire’s place for the evening, she asked Shuichi a number of questions. She’s made it clear that this isn’t her first encounter with monsters, though no one ever believed her. Still, Shuichi can not help answer any of her questions. He doesn’t know anything about his own monster abilities. Not even her mysterious coin presented to him jogged his memory. Shortly after arriving at Claire’s apartment, the duo was joined by an unfamiliar face. A monster similar to Shuichi appeared before them, and they’re there to take Claire’s coin by force if necessary.

Gleipnir isn’t going to be a show for everyone. This one will include lots of fan service, blood, drama, unlikable characters, and maybe even some deaths. Even with that said, this is a production I’ve been looking forward to for quite some time. This title is one of the few I’ve followed from the start. As such, I know fully what to expect, and I’m excited to cover it all. Still, you’ve been warned. It’s going to be one wild ride for the next three months. Anyhow, we’re starting off hot. Enjoy seeing Claire from every angle!




Episode 1:






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