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Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken OAD Media Review Episode 3

by Yumiko

If it’s a competition he wants, then it’s a competition he’ll get!

With Shizue’s students finally taken care of, Rimuru believed his days would be peaceful from thereon out. Spending a few extra days at Freedom Academy wouldn’t hurt too, right? Well, fellow teacher, Jeff, believes Rimuru has been slacking a little too much lately. In fact, Jeff has never been on Rimuru’s good side. After talking up his students from A-class, and how they’ll be winning the upcoming annual outdoor training camp, Rimuru couldn’t contain himself. While S-class doesn’t normally participate in this event, it will be different this year. Rimuru fully intends to win, and he’ll be using his nation’s handiwork to back up Shizue’s students. Meanwhile, trouble was brewing within the town of Guratol. The local lord, Count Guratol, had an important caravan raided by bandits. These bandits have unknowingly hidden within this lord’s man-made cave. Consequently, this location shall also be where one of the upcoming events will be held. Although the bandits didn’t know of this, Count Guratol was betrayed by one of his servants. The bandits now know what’s coming their way, and they plan to use this information to their advantage.

Moving forward, we’re in store for two more episodes and two events. The first of these events shall be an escort quest. Each class must protect their teacher and themselves as they travel to Guratol. After completing this task, they must bravely enter a cave to find a certificate of conquest. During all this, the students will be graded in numerous categories, and their teachers can not help them. Now, normally this wouldn’t be a problem. But these bandits aren’t going to be playing fair. They have a trick up their sleeve to make this an interesting original story. Anyhow, Rimuru will come home soon. Enjoy preparing for the event!





Click here for the 3rd OAD webm collection.


And this was only just part one! Stay tuned for more.

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