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Magia Record: Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magica Gaiden T.V. Media Review Episode 13

by Yumiko

They’re no longer asking.

Iroha’s lecture has been cut short. In order to correct her recent mistakes, Yachiyo has come to retrieve her team. However, she intends this to be their final act as a group. Although she plans to disband the team, she won’t leave Iroha in the dark. Due to the wish she made to become a Magical Girl, Yachiyo puts all her friends at risk. Her wish to survive will one day claim them all. Despite this fact, Iroha won’t leave Yachiyo’s side. Before being suddenly attacked by a Uwasa, a promise is made. Iroha will prove her doubts wrong. Taking out the Uwasa was one thing, but what came next was totally unexpected. The Wings of the Magius don’t intend for them to leave in one piece. If they do not plan to join their cause, then there is no place for them in the future. No longer in control of herself, a berserk Mami is commanded to attack Iroha and Yachiyo. With Iroha already exhausted from the previous battle, Yachiyo attempted to flee with her. Unfortunately, there’s no running from Mami. Before the absolute worst could happen, Sayaka Miki jumped into the mix. Her search for Mami is over, yet this wasn’t how she expected to find her. She won’t allow her to pick on the weak. In the ensuing battle, Iroha and Yachiyo summon their Doppels to help bring down Mami. Still, not even their best efforts kept her down for long. As the Memory Museum began to crumble, Mami takes one last fall, though she won’t go down alone. While Sayaka was able to save Yachiyo, Iroha was left behind to an unknown fate.

After seeing the fruits of her experiments with Mami, Touka left the battle for an important meeting at Fenthope Hotel. It is here all the those faithful to the cause have gathered. As Touka carries out her speech, numerous familiar faces are revealed. Nearly everyone that Iroha met along the way joined the Wings of the Magius. Even those reluctant to join their cause won’t have any more say. However, there is one among the crowd that is looking forward to a different future. She does not dream of salvation like the other Magical Girls. Alina looks forward to walpurgis night.

Since this is technically not the end, I’ll be holding off on final thoughts and a rating. Production of the second cour is in the works, though no official date has been given. Although we’re ending off on a major cliffhanger, I wouldn’t be too discouraged. Shaft rarely fails to deliver. I’m sure the wait will be worth it in the end. Anyhow, was Yachiyo right all along? Enjoy one more epic battle before the break!



End Card:




Click here for the 13th webm collection.


That’s it end for now. Look forward to the 2nd cour one day!

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