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Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T T.V. Media Review Episode 9

by Yumiko

Was that a hint of betrayal?

Diving deep into their investigation, Kuroko and Kazari find a matching suspect. In order to confirm the identity of this individual, they must leave Saten behind on official business. Unfortunately, their suspect, Kouzaku Mitori, appears to be deceased. With her record turning up empty, these two sit at a dead end for the moment. Meanwhile, Saten left to begin an investigation of her own. After learning of Mitori’s ability, she tracked down an abandoned factory that previously created liquid metal. However, before wondering to said location, Touma appeared on a desperate quest for a good luck charm. While said item isn’t a common sight within Academy City, Satan just happened to have what he needed. Promising to return her charm after the scavenger hunt, she then spots a supposedly abandoned factory. Upon adventuring inside, she quickly learns the place is hot with activity. Nonetheless, curiosity got the better of her. While things went smoothly at first, she was eventually caught by a representative of MEMBER, Xochitl. She cares not that Saten found their operation, though Mitori won’t let her get away. In turn, Xochitl confronts Mitori about a little investigation of her own. She now knows that Mitori has been using MEMBER. Recent orders were not coming from the Board of Directors, and there’s only one way to deal with a traitor. Regardless of Xochitl’s threat, Mitori willingly bowed out of this fight. There’s little that can stop their plan, after all.

Aside from all these investigations, Misaka and Misaki began their assault on the location where they thought Gensei was meeting. While Misaki was able to get to “him” first, they’ve both been duped. This was all a ruse to get Misaki away from her hideout. Although her hideout is exposed, Gensei only has his eyes set on one particular item. Exterior is ripe for the picking. Anyhow, there’s no time left to lose. Enjoy the wild ride back to School District Two!





Click here for the 9th webm collection.


Will they make it back in time? Join us for a bumpy car ride next Monday.

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