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Rikei ga Koi ni Ochita no de Shoumeishitemita. T.V. Media Review Episode 12

by Yumiko

The highest theoretical value has been achieved!

As night begins to settle in, Kanade grew worried of Ayame’s absence. Upon tracking down Yukimura, she inquired about their reconciliation. Unfortunately, Yukimura could only tell her bad news. With Ayame nowhere to be found, the lab members gathered to conduct a full search. Before heading out, Yukimura learned of two important facts from Ena and Kanade. Ayame’s gift was handled by more than just two sets of hands, Yamamoto was involved in the process. Additionally, Ayame’s fall was witnessed by Ena. Although the fall in question could have broken the case, it wouldn’t of been shattered to pieces. Taking these two facts with him, Yukimura confronts Yamamoto about her role in all this. While he initially puts up a bluff, she quickly spills the beans. In order to spice up her manga about their love life, she had purposefully sabotaged the gift. As one who will do anything to see their work completed, she believed Yukimura would understand where she’s coming from. Though she wasn’t wrong, he won’t simply be her puppet. If it means hurting Ayame, then he will defy her at every turn. Nonetheless, Yamamoto will help with the search for Ayame. After pointing Yukimura in the correction direction, he ran off to find Ayame. Meanwhile, Ayame dreamed of Yukimura’s embrace. Despite being just a dream, the one she wanted to see most appeared right before sunrise. Even though the distance between these two had yet to heal, Ayame let her emotions flow out before Yukimura. It was at this point Yukimura took the greatest risk of his life. With perfect timing in mind and the mood set by the sunrise, he’s fulfilled his promise to Ayame. A kiss of the highest theoretical value concludes their trip.

Story: 7/10

Romantic comedies are often very hit or miss. I’ve seen many of these stories end badly over the years. However, the tale told thus far between Ayame and Yukimura flowed well. Although they may get a bit repetitive at times, these two were made for one another. Their love is more than simply being nice to one another. From the moment of the confession, they went above and beyond to prove their love, and they’re not done yet. A kiss was only just the start for these two. The experiments must go on! Moreover, these two are surrounded by an excellent supporting cast. Their fellow lab members help drive a lot of life into each episode.

Art/Animation: 7.5/10

As you or may not know, not every anime is complete while it airs. This show was not only complete, it was able to release every episode at once. We took this one week at a time here, but it’s really reassuring knowing that all work was done ahead of time. Even with that said, this show isn’t pushing any boundaries when it comes to art or animation. Nor did it really need to do anything too crazy due to the subjects it covered. Everything looked all right and was kept consistent throughout. Zero-G did a fine job here.

Enjoyment: 8/10

Going into this show, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. While I do preliminary research on a majority of the shows covered here, this was picked up as a last minute request. Overall, I’m happy to have witnessed Ayame and Yukimura’s love experiments. We’ve had shows where the romance was killed off or displayed horribly, though this was a totally different case. A kiss without equal has been found.

An overall score of 7.5 feels like it fits perfectly here. The lab members may disagree with my assessment, but I’d like to see more. If there’s another season in the future, then I’d happily cover it. Even if it’s just about more heartbeats, it would be well worth it. Anyhow, that sunrise won’t last forever. Enjoy the conclusion of the trip to Okinawa!





Click here for the 12th webm collection.


The experiments never stop. We’ll be moving on, but stay tuned for more tomorrow!

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