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Somali to Mori no Kamisama T.V. Media Review Episode 12

by Yumiko

Every second counts.

Lost within his own power, Golem could only see one objective before him. In his pursuit to eliminate all targets in sight, he lost track of Somali. However, she will not lose sight of him. Before he did something regrettable, Somali boldly stood in front of him. Without a hint of fear in her eyes, she knew her father would do her no harm. As Golem reached out to her, she received a beloved head pat. Unfortunately, that was all his body could take at the moment. After falling unconscious, those around him picked up the pieces. In the days that followed, Somali never left her father’s side. And once he had finally awoken, she couldn’t of been happier. Sadly, Golem is torn on what to do next. Between his failing body and now his inability to keep control of himself, it may no longer be safe to stay with Somali. While he confided his worries with Shizuno, they continued moving on to the next city. Unlike Bygone City, this place was lit up for a harvest festival. It is here Golem saw that Somali is fine even without him. As long as Shizuno and Yashibara are by her side, he believed his journey was over. Though this may be the path Golem sees fit, it is not one Somali will allow him to walk down. Similar to when they first met, Somali followed his footsteps. Even as he attempts to push her away, she does not give up on her father. As their promise dictates, they will be together forever. Although that’s not the only thing she makes him realize. He’s no longer the emotionless golem that left his forest behind. He has a caring heart for his daughter, and a dream to forever stay by her side. No matter what is to come, his soul will forever watch over Somali.

Story: 8/10

While there are a number of loose ends, and no possibility for a season 2 anytime soon, the story told thus far is fulfilling. You’re given just enough to picture the world Somali lives in, and the brave quest Golem has taken on. As an unlikely duo within their own world, we witness them grow significantly. That goes especially for Golem. After meeting Somali something within him changed. While he could never find the words for it, it allowed him to push on this far. He’s simply no longer the emotionless robot he pictured himself as. With that in mind, their journey as father and daughter will go on, and with friends too.

Art/Animation: 9/10

If I were to go purely off background art, I would give this a 10. There’s a lot of good things to say about this production. I’ve viewed a few other Satelight shows before, but this one was truly breathtaking. The world they crafted was matchless. Whether they were indoors or outdoors, the world always felt alive. Another major point I’d like to highlight was their limited usage of CG. I know many other productions wouldn’t attempt what they did here with numerous non-human characters. Even the background characters were shown love in this world. From start to finish, nearly everything looked picturesque.

Enjoyment: 10/10

As this is the third father-daughter type show we’ve covered here, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that I’m a fan of them. Originally, this show wasn’t on my radar for winter 2020. Koisuru Asteroid was suppose to have this spot, though I’m glad I decided against it. Just like Golem, Somali’s smile was all it took. This was without a doubt my favorite anime of the season.

With a final score of 9, I can walk away happy from this one. Anime is no stranger to unfulfilling ends, but this is a different case. Golem and Somali’s journey for humans will go on. No matter what’s to come, there’s a feeling that they’re going to make it somehow. It may not be happiest of endings, but that smile will be protected. Anyhow, this is a promise till the end and more. Enjoy one last adventure with Somali!





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Their journey shall go on, though for us this it. Stay tuned for future projects here at, Anime Solution.

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