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Nekopara T.V. Media Review Episode 12

by Yumiko

Their promise hasn’t been forgotten.

After another successful checkup at the Minaduki manor, everyone was ready to have some fun. However, things will be a bit different than last time. While they were all happy with the idea of going to the beach again, it will be more than just to dip their toes. This time they’ll be going out in style. Donning their finest swimwear, the Minaduki catgirls don’t waste a minute making memories. Unfortunately, during all their fun, Cacao got dragged out to sea. Although she was still within viewing distance, it was only a matter of time before she vanished. Before her family could even attempt a rescue, another soul dove in to save her. Thankful to the individual that saved her cat, Shigure pledged to pay back this favor. In turn, all they asked for was a visit to their restaurant, Beach Clubhouse Orange. The place in question served excellent food, though they heavily lacked customers. In order to remedy this problem, Shigure used her cats to draw everyone in. Beach Clubhouse Orange saw it first successful day, and it will have many more to come. Shigure has guaranteed that their business will thrive even without the Minaduki catgirls.

Story: 6/10

First and foremost, this show took a completely original route. Aside from the characters being based from the visual novel, the story told here is new. Now, outside of the first few episodes, Nekopara is episodic. While I have no issues with an anime taking the episodic route, this one leaves a lot left to be desired. Personally, I’ve seen every single one of these episodes done better in another show. Unless you’re in it just for the nekos, there’s not very much else here. Still, even with that said the episodes themselves were not bad. As a fan of catgirls, it was a treat to see their constant antics.

Art/Animation: 7.5/10

The biggest thing going for Nekopara is its strong character art. From start to finish, and even in the OVAs, they never hit a low point of quality. The catgirls are always looking spot on. Unfortunately, they don’t really do much with them. As great as they look, they hardly move at times. Take this final episode for example. We have the perfect setting to really animate the girls having fun on the beach, yet we get a bunch of pans and stills. A bit disappointing, though at least they continued to deliver in appearance.

Enjoyment: 6/10

Unless you’re a die-hard fan of Nekopara, I don’t see this one being remembered. I enjoyed it for the catgirls, but there’s very little outside of that. One could even say the practical removal of Kashou is to blame for this. Without the romance element, these characters are very basic. Understandably, some will praise Kashou becoming a background character, but without him a core part of the formula is missing. Even a simple date episode with the catgirls could have went a long way.

I know an overall score of 6.5 isn’t the prettiest. Regardless, Nekopara is still very watchable. If you’re just looking for something cozy and fun with catgirls, then I’d highly recommend it. Outside of that, well best of luck. Anyhow, this concludes our coverage of Nekopara. Enjoy a last minute trip to the beach!



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Their happy shiny days will go on, but what about ours? Stay tuned for more here at, Anime Solution.

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