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Somali to Mori no Kamisama T.V. Media Review Episode 11

by Yumiko

The hunt is on!

Upon their final day of guard duty, Rosa informs Golem of an alternative route to the next city. Unlike the main route, this one will surely be safer for Somali. As night began to fall, Golem picked up on a human hunting party. After informing Yashibara of Somali’s true identity, he agreed to hold off this group while the others fled for the alternative route. They planned on reuniting later on, though something is not quite right. Escaping through the abandoned mine led them to another group of hunters. While Golem was able to evade this group, he was completely thrown off by Rosa’s presence near the exit. Believing she had come to show them the way out, they readily followed her. Unfortunately, she was only there to ensure their capture. Although she has no plans on hurting Golem or Shizuno, she’ll properly explain her hatred for all humans. An all too familiar tale was told before them, yet this was the first time Somali learned of it. Unable to fully take in her words, Somali could hardly utter her own thoughts. Nonetheless, this tale was only told as the hunters prepared the dinner table. With no other options to turn to, Golem was ready to fight. Sadly, his body has had just about enough. Before he could launch a single attack, his left arm crumbled, and his body collapsed. However, he will not lay idle for long as his daughter screams out to him. Lost in his own mysterious power, Golem rises once more.

Has his limit finally been reached? Running away was already pushing Golem’s body, but this was something else. Even if they make it out of this ordeal, Golem’s days shall soon be coming to an end. Still, he did get to make some happy memories before this tragic event began. The gift Somali was working on all week long was given to him, and she received one from her father in return. While that gift is currently on Golem’s broken arm, let’s hope he doesn’t forget the one that gave it to him. Anyhow, how do you feel about hanging off cliffs? Enjoy one final build up!





Click here for the 11th webm collection.


They’ll regret ever touching Somali. Join us for the finale next Friday!

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