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Rikei ga Koi ni Ochita no de Shoumeishitemita. T.V. Media Review Episode 11

by Yumiko

Can this trip be salvaged?

As emotions get in the way of logic, Ayame and Yukimura lose their cool. Things better left unsaid have dropped from Yukimura’s mouth, and the results were disastrous. Now, this fight doesn’t just hurt these two. As presentations are over with, it was everyone’s hope to have a good time afterwords. Unfortunately, the atmosphere was lost during Ayame and Yukimura’s fight. Without the lovebirds chirping about, it’s just not the same. While those around them hoped tensions would defuse shortly after, matters only got worse at the aquarium. Amid the growing pressure, Ayame could no longer think about this logically. However, some much needed love advice was given to her by Kanade. After taking her advice into account, she’s revised her experiment to find proof of love. Although this is exciting news, there’s a slight problem. She can no longer talk with Yukimura due to the fight. However, a plan to reconcile with him was quickly hatched. Together with Kanade and Akira’s help, Ayame picked out a high value gift for Yukimura. Before handing off said gift to Yukimura, Akira made “special arrangements” to it. None the wiser, Ayame rushes off to find Yukimura. In her rush to share her new findings and gift, she took a stumble, though thought nothing of it. Sadly, it would seem that stumble ruined their perfect moment. The gift she handed to Yukimura was in pieces, and she could only turn away in tears.

This isn’t over yet by a mile. While Yukimura is a bit confused about what just happened, Ayame left pieces of her research behind. Picking up the pieces left at his feet, Yukimura will not allow this to go on any longer. They may not be officially a couple, but he will correct this error no matter what. Moreover, special attention should be given to Akira during this episode. As minor as she has been thus far, she’s not playing fair. We’ll find out just what she’s been up to real soon. Anyhow, the only winning move was never playing at all. Enjoy asking the impossible question!





Click here for the 11th webm collection.


Will Yukimura achieve the impossible? We’re defying all logic next time!

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