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Somali to Mori no Kamisama T.V. Media Review Episode 10

by Yumiko

Something about that smile.

Looking back at the past, Golem recalls how he met Somali to Shizuno. Already nearing the end of his days, an accident occurred within his forest. Upon investigating the scene, he only found death. However, there was one survivor. After being alerted of their presence by one of the citizens of the forest, Golem found a human child. Before he could say anything, this child called out to him as their own father. While Golem could never figure out why she did such a thing, she never left his side after that moment. Even after telling her to leave multiple times, the young girl followed him. No matter the time of day or weather condition, she kept on following. Eventually giving in, Golem began to care for the young girl. Unfortunately, he could never get any information out of her. Not even a name could be extracted. As the days begun to fly by, Golem came to a realization. With his time drawing near, this child would certainly die without his assistance. It was at this point he decided to find a permanent home for his child. Still, taking a nameless child on a journey around the world just won’t do. Upon seeing her interest in “cats”, Golem named her after the citizen that initially found her. From that moment forward, she was known as Somali.

Back in the present, Golem and Yashibara started their week long job of protecting the innkeeper. While they work, Shizuno and Somali stayed put. During this time, Somali desired to create a present for her father. Unfortunately, she just can’t craft the perfect gift with her current skills. After the first day, Golem informs Shizuno and Somali that the innkeeper’s wife, Rosa, shall  be stopping by while they’re at work. She’ll be dropping off supplies, though her arrival came with much more. She’s helped Somali craft a memorable gift for Golem. Unfortunately, Rosa isn’t as sweet as she appears. A single whiff of Somali’s scent told her everything she needed to know. There’s a human hiding right before her, yet she won’t be the one getting her hands dirty. This information was leaked to a trusted local third party. Somali’s life is now truly in danger.

As we come to an end here, one can clearly see that Golem is not long for this world. Before he totally breaks down, he’s asked Shizuno to look after Somali in-case they don’t complete their journey. However, there’s still a bit of a problem here. Somali remains largely in the dark about her father’s ultimate fate. With such little time left, will she be able to accept this future? Anyhow, Golem hasn’t give up yet. Enjoy looking back at the past!





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That smile will be protected! Join us for a taste of action next Friday.

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