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Nekopara T.V. Media Review Episode 10

by Yumiko


In order to keep up with the ever changing pace of society, catgirls must regularly retake a bell exam. Unfortunately, Chocola never quite got the memo. Nervous of losing her ability to roam freely, she can hardly focus upon her work. Fortunately, her elders won’t let her fail. Along with her sister, Vanilla, they’ve been retaught the basics. Still, there’s a lot to go over. While everyone is confident that Vanilla will pass, the same can not be said for Chocola. However, their worries were unfounded. As a bonus for passing with flying colors, Chocola and Vanilla were rewarded with a day out with Shigure. All the food they could ever possibly ask for was feasted upon and more.

Once more, this was simply another day in life with the catgirls. If you were unfamiliar with the bell system, then this episode made it clear. Those bells they have around their neck allow them to roam freely without their owner. Obtaining these bells isn’t easy, and only about 10% of catgirls pass the exam. Seeing how all eligible Minaduki catgirls have a bell, they aren’t just your ordinary lot. Anyhow, another day awaits. Enjoy passing the exam!



End Card:




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They’re safe to roam free once again. Join us for two more days in life here at, Anime Solution!

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