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Akatsuki no Yona Blu-ray Media Review Episode 14

by Yumiko

They’ll see the light again.

Picking back up his mask, the Blue Dragon Warrior focuses on the crucial matter at hand. After displaying the best possible way to escape the cave in, those around him lend a hand. Even Yona won’t sit idle during this time. Meanwhile, the villagers gathered at the scene of the cave in. Although they may not see eye to eye about the Blue Dragon Warrior, they’ve showed Hak another way to reach those on the other side. As both ends worked tirelessly before the worst could happen, Yona begins to feel fatigued. Despite her current condition, she showed the Blue Dragon Warrior her determination. In the end, Hak is able to break through first. Upon seeing that his prayers were answered, he doesn’t skip a beat embracing Yona. He’ll never let his princess out of his sight again.

In the aftermath of the cave in, Yona’s party departs Seiryuu Village. However, they’ll be leaving with one additional member. The Blue Dragon Warrior will be joining them. Unfortunately, they don’t make it far before being forced to setup camp. Ki-ja’s body needs time to recover after recent events. Nonetheless, this provided some much needed time for the group to learn about the Blue Dragon Warrior. While he may be socially stunted, all his actions mean well. Still, there’s a major problem with communicating with him. The Blue Dragon Warrior was never given a real name. He’s left this task up to Yona, though she’s unsure of what to name him. Those around her provide suggestions, yet it wasn’t until she saw him under the moonlight that it came to her. Moving forward, he’ll be known as Shin-ah. Furthermore, a day’s rest was all Ki-ja needed. As the sun began to rise, he picked up on the next Dragon Warrior. The Green Dragon Warrior is near. Anyhow, there’s no breaks on this adventure. Enjoy recruiting another Dragon Warrior!





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Two down, two to go. We’ll find the next one in due time.

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