Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu: Shin Henshuu-ban T.V. Media Review Episode 9

How about some disgrace and greed?

Even after given another chance, Subaru just can’t catch a break. It’s to be expected, though. As a man without a plan or shred of credibility, no will ever take him on seriously. Now, his words may be weightless, but his actions do go far. He’s made it back to Roswaal’s mansion in time, although at a high cost. He’s lost Rem and possibly Emilia. Still, this loop isn’t quite over. There’s still some fight left in him. Moreover, I’m sure you know the deal with changes at this point. We’ll be lucky to see anything big till the very end. Anyhow, don’t forget about Rem. Enjoy clinging onto life once more!


From the moment I saw this dress, I knew something was off… Click here to see the LN illustration.




Click here for the 9th webm collection.


Could this be the loop? We’re living into another one next Wednesday.

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