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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 124

by Yumiko

Let’s get this recap over with.

Similar to last week, there’s very little new content to be found. Even more so since we’ve already covered the newest opening. There’s a handful of new shots of Secre, but it would be a total waste of a week without something a little more. As such, you’ll see opening 4 and its associated ending covered below in blu-ray quality. If there’s anymore recaps in the future, then we’ll probably do more of this as well. Moreover, next week’s episode appears to be an original one. Regardless of what it covers, I’ll be reviewing it all. Anyhow, we’re all caught up now. Enjoy another retelling of past events!



OP 4:


ED 4:


It never ends here. Join us for some originality next Tuesday!

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