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Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T T.V. Media Review Episode 7

by Yumiko

Start explaining!

While Misaka continues to search for her “little sister”, Kinuho and Maaya checkup on Kongou. Prior to Kongou’s defeat, they intended to help with finding Misaka 10032, and they’ve followed through with their word. Misaka 10032’s cat offered them several leads, though one among them stood out to Saten. A certain Latin phrase; “Auribus oculi fideliores sunt”, connects the disappearance of Misaka 10032 and the rumor she’s currently chasing. Trusted with all the recent information obtained, Saten was assigned to inform Misaka about all the details. However, there’s just one problem with all that. How in the world does she already have Misaka’s number? Before contacting Misaka, she turned to Kuroko for assistance. Believing something may be up with their memories, they wished to meet up with Misaka to discuss things clearly. Unfortunately, their call with her was cut short. An associate of MEMBER appeared before Misaka with two hostages. Unlike Baba, the stakes were truly high this time. Misaka’s mother and Uiharu’s lives were on the line. Fortunately, Misaka won’t have to pick just one. Her memories may be gone, but Kuroko was on scene in a heartbeat. Together they were able to stop the worst from happening, although the assailant did get away.

The dots are starting to be connected. During Misaka’s confrontation with the mysterious assailant from MEMBER, she confirmed there’s two different factions at play. As this individual had come seeking information on the Sisters, they can’t be in league with Misaki. In turn, the shrouded individual, Kouzaku Mitori, gained some crucial information out her conversation with Misaka. Some of her intel wasn’t quite right. She had arrived believing Misaka to be responsible for several attacks, though it now appears Misaki may be the one responsible. Furthermore, Kuroko, Misaka and Saten gathered to finally have their discussion. While they didn’t go over their memory problems, they learned Uiharu was close to the truth. Unfortunately, before she could say anything, Misaki got to her. Still, completely scrubbing information off the internet is impossible. Using her ability, Misaka reconstructs the data that Misaki doesn’t want anyone finding out.

Railgun may be back, but it’s going on break once again. This show will be receiving two recap episodes. Even with that said, Railgun will return here once it’s back on air. Also, I would plan for even further delays down the line. This isn’t going to be a pretty production with recent global events. Anyhow, hopefully it’s worth the wait. Enjoy a taste of action!





Click here for the 7th webm collection.


It’s another break for us. See you in two weeks!

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