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Violet Evergarden Blu-ray Media Review Episode 11

by Yumiko

Will she make it in time?

Some requests are far too dangerous to take on, though danger means nothing to Violet. In the midst of a bloody civil war, she goes where no other doll would. At the behest of her client, Aidan Field, Violet travels to Ctrigall. Unfortunately, she arrives too late. While she is able to rescue Aidan from being finishing off, he is mortally wounded. Additionally, they are stuck in a blizzard, and she is without her equipment to fulfill his request. Nonetheless, Aidan’s final words will be heard by his loved ones. Comforting him in his final moments, Violet doesn’t skip a beat. Even as his life drains away, every last word was remembered by Violet. In days that followed, she was able to deliver letters to Aidan’s parents and childhood friend. Although they were thankful for all she had done, Violet could no longer hold back her own tears. As hard as she may be, there’s a flower ever blooming within her. Anyhow, the Violet of ole seems like a distant memory now. Enjoy diving into enemy lines!





Click here for the 11th webm collection.


Just a few more to go. Look forward to more Violet here at, Anime Solution.

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