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Black Clover T.V. Media Review Episode 122

by Yumiko

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As word of Asta’s arrest spreads throughout the kingdom, it would appear all the walls around him were closing in. Even if he were to fight his way out of Magic Parliament, then those closest to him would suffer. However, there are a few who care not for what’s to come if they interfere with this trial. The Black Bulls have arrived not just for Asta, but for Secre as well. She is just as much a member as the rest of the lot. Still, these Bulls charged in without much of a plan. A direct confrontation against a member of House Kira would only make matters worse. Fortunately, Julius foresaw this outcome. Before a single blow could be struck, Fuegoleon and Nozel saved the day. As royals with equal footing with Damnatio, and with a order from the Magic Emperor himself, Asta will be leaving under their custody. In order to prove his innocence, he shall find evidence of the devils from within the kingdom and afar. Such a showing balanced the scale of justice slightly in Asta’s favor. He’ll be able to walk away for now, though he’s on a tight leash.

In the aftermath of this show trial, Damnatio paid Julius a visit. While he’s happy to see Julius in the flesh, this is no time for games. The Clover Kingdom is in peril. If the kingdom is on the verge of collapse, then Damnatio will have no choice but to act. Asta and Julius shall be judged accordingly if such a time comes to pass. In turn, Julius has placed all hope for the future on Asta. He believes there will come a time where Damnatio’s scale heavily tips in Asta’s favor. Moreover, it looks like we’re heading into uncharted territory next week. I’m unsure if it’s a recap or filler, but Secre will be leading the next few episodes. Anyhow, we’re in the clear for now. Enjoy a special-type of magic!



Petit Clover:




Click here for the 122nd webm collection.


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