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Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T T.V. Media Review Episode 6

by Yumiko

He’s not going to get away with this!

All of Baba’s actions against Kongou shall be paid back in full. Standing against Kinuho and Maaya, Baba is forced to pull every last trick out of his sleeves. Even splitting them apart did him no justice in the end. Meanwhile, Saten was able to safely carry Kongou away. Upon arriving at the hospital, an all too familiar face was right around the corner. In utter shock at what happened to the friend she sent off with high hopes, Misaka could no longer hold herself back. She’s going to the center of the action, and there’s nothing Misaki’s clique can do about it. Now, Baba was able to flee from Kinuho and Maaya, though his luck ran out there. Once Misaka was on the scene, it was game over. Still, she will not crush him. Believing that he may be under Misaki’s control, she leaves him with a stern warning. There will be no second chances if he reenters this fight. Nonetheless, Baba’s mission will be given to another. MEMBER isn’t a one-man organization, after all.

While it’s always awesome to see Misaka displaying her power, the true MVPs of this episode were Kinuho and Maaya. Although they may be level 3s, they’re able to use their abilities to the fullest. No matter what Baba threw at them, they were able to counter it. Moreover, please note that the airing of episode 7 will be delayed. Due to the outbreak of the Corona virus, this is one of several shows experiencing delays. There’s also no current date for when new episodes shall resume. In any case, Railgun will return here once it’s back on air. Anyhow, it’s payback time. Enjoy eliminating Baba from the stage!





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