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Somali to Mori no Kamisama T.V. Media Review Episode 5

by Yumiko

She is not alone.

With sufficient funds in hand, Golem and Somali may restart their journey. Waving to Kikila with a smile, Somali believes they will see one another again one day. Shortly after arriving at their next destination, Winecup Village, they run into a set of travelers just like them. Uzoi the harpy and Haitora the “falcohol” are in dire search of a cure. Haitora is not long for this world, and Uzoi plans to do what ever it takes to save him. After Uzoi’s interactions with Somali, she invited them both to join their wagon. Crossing the desert with extra hands is always a bonus. While Golem graciously accepted their offer, Uzoi has other intentions here. She knows Somali is a human, yet so is her own companion. Believing Somali’s blood may save Haitora, she puts on a near perfect act before Golem and Somali. Although Haitora doesn’t wish to go down this path, he is powerless to stop her. As the sole parental figure in her life, Haitora desires to keep Uzoi’s hands clean. Fortunately, their first day across the desert went as well as one could hope for. Stopping at a cave for the night, Uzoi takes Somali aside to gather water. It was at this point Haitora could no longer hold back his tongue. Just as Haitora revealed his true face before Golem, Somali found herself pinned. Uzoi’s true feathers have come out to play.

Golem now knows the truth, but will he able to do anything in time? There’s no telling where Uzoi took Somali inside that cave. Likewise, will Somali be able to escape Uzoi? Just what can a lone human child do in this situation. Anyhow, all questions shall be revealed in time. Enjoy trekking across the blistering desert!





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It can’t end like this. We’re hanging off a cliff till next Friday.

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