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Somali to Mori no Kamisama T.V. Media Review Episode 4

by Yumiko

How long is forever?

Kikila and Somali no longer have to worry. Not only were they saved from the creature before them, the shadowy figure following them is a familiar face to Kikila. Muthrica is apart of a special team that oversees the underground area of Anthold City. Part of his job also includes making sure children don’t wonder into places they shouldn’t be, and this isn’t his first time catching Kikila. Nonetheless, they’ll be getting a personal escort back to the surface, though Somali isn’t ready to leave. Upon finding out her wishing flower would wither away before making it back to her father, she desired to find a stronger flower. Even if she had to go alone, Somali was prepared for the worst. Upon taking a look at the determination in her eyes, Muthrica agreed to help her. They would have to go quite the distance, but Muthrica knew just the place to take them. Still, one last unexpected obstacle greeted them. A guardian of the wishing flowers confronted Kikila and Somali. Before this guardian, Somali let her wish be known. Her wish to be by her father’s side forever granted her safe passage back to the surface.

They’re late! The sun had long settled down by the time Somali returned to Golem’s side. Not willing to hear a word from her, Golem threaten to end their journey early if she continued acting up. Absolutely crushed by Golem’s words, Somali ran off to her room. After some time, Kikila checked up on her, though what he saw shocked him. Upon alerting everyone that Somali was sick, Golem did everything in his power to save her. All the money in the world meant nothing if Somali was gone. It was during this moment Golem realized how hard he was pushing Somali throughout this journey. Although she may display great strength, she’s still just a child. With every last penny spent to save Somali, Golem embraced her the following morning. Ready to hear out her wish, they made a promise to be together forever. Unfortunately, this a promise Golem knows he can not keep. From the moment he crawled out of the Earth, his count down slowly began, and that time is soon approaching.

How long can Golem keep up this “promise”? Well, they’ll be spending quite some time in Anthold City. Saving Somali drained the bank, and crossing the desert will require expensive supplies. Golem is willing to put in all the work required, yet time remains a crucial issue. He’s breaking down day by day, and he can’t keep Somali in the dark forever. Anyhow, Somali’s smile has been restored for the moment. Enjoy bringing home a wishing flower!





Click here for the 4th webm collection.


The desert can wait for another day. It’s back to work for us, so be sure to catch another one next Friday.

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