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Sankarea Blu-ray Media Review Episode 12

by Yumiko

The pressure is on!

With Rea’s father out of the picture, Chihiro has come to realize how many responsibilities he’s taken on. Between fulfilling Rea’s dream of just being a normal girl, and preventing her body from decaying, he’s got a lot on his plate. While little can be currently done to persevere Rea for the long term, she’s expressed interest in a upcoming fireworks festival. An experience her father would never allow was right before her, yet fate still got in her way. Due to poor weather conditions, the festival was canceled. Still, they don’t need a big festival to make memories. As the two leading ladies in Chihiro’s life prepared for an unforgettable night, Ranko wished to clear the air with Rea. Their mutual interest in Chihiro is no secret, though they don’t have to be enemies. Before Rea’s bloodshot eyes, a confession was put forth. Ranko is in love with Chihiro, and she’ll happily take Rea on. From this night forward, they’re rivals in love.

There are so many adaptations out there that go south quickly, but this one did just about everything right. Speaking specifically for the content covered, it’s a blessing to see it all in one piece. They knew exactly what Sankarea is and never shied away from it. What this resulted in was a faithful adaptation of the source material. Not only was it perfectly adapted, they added on more. I know filler can go either way, but they did it justice here. You’ll mostly see it in the episodes that step away from the main story, though there’s more to this world than just Chihiro and Rea. Adapting moments like that are a godsend these days. Now, while this is a excellent adaptation, it also a incomplete adaptation. As the source material has long ended, it’s unlikely Sankarea will ever be fully animated. Episode 12 leaves many loose threads for the viewer, and there’s little use focusing on them. It’s a true shame, yet I’ll take one solid season in a heartbeat.

Is it possible to start and end strong? Well, I have good news for you. For what Sankarea is, it was surprising to see such a strong showing. I can not point to a single episode that contained any weak animation. From the moment it started til the final frame, you’re given a high standard of blood, comedy, service, and romance. On top of that, the character art always remained on model. Looking specifically at Rea, her beauty was captured marvelously. I’ve brought it up once before, but the ending is something else. They truthfully knocked it out of the park there for Rea.

Keep everything in mind, I’m happy with rewarding this show a 9/10. There’s always room for improvement, but I can not stress enough how great of a production this was. This isn’t my first time watching Sankarea, though reviewing it let me see it in a whole new light. I’ve seen so many shows similar to this done dirty, yet we’ve got a true gem here. I can only hope to one day review another one just like it. Anyhow, we’re closing the book on this story for now. Enjoy the fireworks!





Click here for the 12th webm collection.


We’ll cover the OVAs, one day. Look forward to many more blu-ray reviews here at, Anime Solution!

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