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Nekopara T.V. Media Review Episode 4

by Yumiko

What’s her name?

With the kitten officially by her side, Chocola can return back to work without a worry in the world. Unfortunately, this kitten isn’t going to sit still. She wants to be out there on the floor with everyone else. While they can’t have her out there during working hours, they can play with her throughout breaks. Even the ever so busy Kashou can stop to award her a piece of cocao cake. A piece of cake that she won’t soon forget. The following day, it was time for the monthly health check. Returning back to the Minaduki manor, the catgirls were examined from head to toe by Shigure. As always the Minaduki catgirls were in top shape, though there’s one problem. Their newest catgirl needs a name to begin her record of growth. Everyone pitched in a name, yet it all came back to the cake she enjoyed the previous day. Moving forward, she’ll proudly be called Cocao. Furthermore, with the sun still up on their off-day, everyone wanted to head out for some fun. Upon learning Cocao had never seen the ocean before, the choice was obvious. An forgettable time by the sea was the first of many precious moments with Cocao.

That was quite the monthly health check. Going into this, I expected very minimal service, though this episode was a pleasant surprise. I doubt we’ll get much more like this, so be sure get the most out of this one. Moreover, I must say our male lead has been reduced to a background character. He’s there when it counts, but it seems like he won’t be playing a major role throughout this production. As such, don’t expect much romance if that’s the case. Anyhow, we’re doubling down on the cuteness. Enjoy making memories at the beach!


OP: There have been several changes to the opening since Cocao’s addition to the cast.


Episode 4:


ED: Just a minor change in the ending.


End Card:




Click here for the 4th webm collection.


She’s got a name, so now what? We continue this journey in life next Thursday.

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ichigoken (@ichigoken)
3 years ago

I love Neko’s