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Rikei ga Koi ni Ochita no de Shoumeishitemita. T.V. Media Review Episode 3

by Yumiko

What’s normal?

Enough with the heartbeats! In order to grasp a greater understanding of love, Ayame and Yukimura seek to interview someone who’s already confirmed their love. Fortunately, they won’t have to search far. He’s been out of the lab for quite some time, though he’s returned in style. A man who lives off love, Kosuke Inukai, has gone through countless “lovers”. Between time and money, he’s got Ayame easily beat on the scale of love. Unfortunately, the further they dove into Kosuke’s exploits, the stranger things got. Once Ena was awake, she revealed the truth behind his words. All of Kosuke’s love experience comes from the 2D realm. While Yukimura can recognize that love is diverse among humans, Kosuke is a tad too extreme for this experiment. Not only that, Ayame began to feel as if her love was inadequate. Compared to the numbers Kosuke was producing, she appeared insignificant on paper. Putting science aside, Kanade suggested they bring it back down to Earth. A simple date is what Ayame and Yukimura truly need to determine if they’re in love. However, it’s never that simple. Before they can go out on a date, two problems must be dealt with. First, they’ll need to plan out everything. Those around Ayame and Yukimura gave out their prior experience, although experience among this group is questionable at best. Nonetheless, before the date can even begin, Yukimura must ask Ayame out. The date may already be guaranteed, but his words sent Ayame’s heart into overdrive.

A date, huh? While the science portion of exploring love has been fun to see, it’s great to see they’re wiling to entertain a normal route into love. Still, they’ll find a way to work science into everything. As science-types, there’s no end in sight for their experiments. Speaking of being science-types, it turns out Ayame and Yukimura were destined for one another from a young age. When Ayame was feeling down, she told a story from her childhood to Kanade. Her ability to be the women she is today was due to meeting a boy just like her. Even though they were both bullied for their hobby, he never let it interfere with his love for science. As long as Ayame could pick herself up and change her outward appearance, Ayame wouldn’t have anything holding her back. This story was obvious a chance meeting between Ayame and Yukimura as children, though they don’t quite seem to realize it. Anyhow, ready for a date at the amusement park? Enjoy love in its many forms!





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Shall we go on a date? Catch another heart-stopper next Saturday.

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